As recorded in the entry Splits & Decisions, my husband and I made the hard choice to turn down a job that would have meant being separated from each other for a month and unable to worship together in church.  We were confident about our decision, yet unsure how God would provide.

One of the most challenging parts of being in a filmmaking family is that we rarely know where/when the next job opportunity will make an appearance.  It is easy to take the 9-5 job for granted (such as my own).  There is a measure of (perceived) security in the name tag, time clock and routine.

However, in the film world, work is very unpredictable.  Typically, my husband learns of an opportunity only a few days in advance and sometimes it means working away from home for several weeks or months at time.  In a miniscule way, I can relate to miltary spouses in facing deployment separation. I know what it is like to pack the bags and gear in 48 hours and say your goodbyes and suddenly go back to a more solitary home routine.  (Though I cannot imagine coupling that with the dangers and stresses of combat!)  I know what it is like to get up in the middle of the night to have a sleepy phone call to accommodate your opposing schedules.  I am familiar with the sudden shift of responsibilities.

We have been blessed in the many ways that God has provide for us as a family over these last three years.  The novelty of blessing never seems to wear off when the phone rings and an opportunity presents itself out of the providential blue.  We know each paycheck is a precious gift from God.  We know each new contact is part of His plan.

So this week when the phone rang with a job that fits in nicely into the calendar between now and our vacation in September, pays far more than the other job and allows us to worship together on Sunday . . . well, it only reinforced the humbling knowledge that God is in control.  He knows the beginning to the end.  He has only the best plans in mind for us, to His glory and not our own.  This week was a little reminder that God is good in the lean times and God is good in times of plenty.  The precious part of this life is that He walks with us for the entire journey.  When we look to Him in our joys and disappointments, we are looking up into the eyes of a Father who gave His own Son to grant us salvation.

This is a God I can trust.

“Fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing.”

–Psalm 34:9